pressed red poppy framed artwork with canadian flag | Pressed Flower Home Decor
pressed red poppy framed artwork with canadian flag | Pressed flower art
Canadian flag and flanders red poppy home decor | Pressed Flower Art
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10x22 Flander's Red Poppy Canadian Flag

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In honour of those who have fought and work for our country, we have created this signed original piece featuring real Flander's Poppies and a Canadian Flag. This piece has been rather popular as gifts for members of the RCMP and Canadian Armed Forces. 

Poppies signify 'Eternal Life & Remembrance' in the historical language of Floriography. Maple Leaves signify 'Unity & Modesty'.

• They are all real pressed Flander's Poppies and Maple Leaf that we harvest from our woodland gardens.
• Handmade paper is used as the background to the botanicals. 
• Each piece is a signed original. 
• Dimensions of the frame: Approx 10" x 22" - ¾" thick frame. 
• Solid wood handcrafted frame finished with a black lacquer or walnut stain. (Please choose)
• 2 ml glass
• Each piece features a back tag which identifies the botanical and its related meaning in the language of flowers. (Floriography) 
• Sawtooth hook