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Pressed Wishes

The Art of Preserving Nature

Pressed Botanical Artwork

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From Our Gardens, To Your Home

All of the botanicals we use are grown on our 2 acre woodland gardens at Mabel Lake, BC. What we don't grow we harvest from the surrounding mountainous landscape.

Colour Enhanced by Hand

Each flower and leaf must be harvested at its peak to ensure the highest of quality. We press the botanicals in a traditional flower press which includes herbarium papers. We do colour enhance the majority of the flowers and leaves by hand to protect them from fading.

Hand Crafted Frames

We use locally milled wood to handcraft a variety of frames. Each frame goes through a 5 step sanding process to ensure the highest of quality. It is then finished with a stain and/or lacquer to best suit the botanical artwork.

Handmade Papers

We use a variety of handmade papers with different colours and textures to compliment our Pressed Botanical Artwork and 'Organic Jewellery' Line.



Gorgeous work and unbeatable customer service! Thank you again for going above and beyond. I love my maple leaf pendant so much

Hannah M.

BEAUTIFUL!!! If I could give you 10 stars I would! I just love daisies and this picture looks beautiful in my house!!! The picture arrived safely. You did an excellent job in shipping/wrapping. Thank you for the opportunity to be your happy customer!!! 

Kimberly F.

I absolutely love it! Was shipped in a timely manner and is hanging beautifully on my wall. Thanks!

Stephanie R.

I love my pansy necklace! I'll be back for girlfriend Christmas shopping this fall. Thanks for the speedy delivery and friendly service.

Janet M.

This is hands down the most amazing art I've seen in a very long time.

Colleen N.

I just bought [a pendant] today from you at the market!! I will be purchasing more....your work is so original and truly amazing.

Thank you so very much

Cheryl H.