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Q: Will any of the botanicals fade over time? 
A: We do colour enhance the majority of our botanicals by hand to prevent them from fading. We use a mixture of natural dyes, paints and other sealants to ensure the colours stay vibrant. 
However, because the pictures are not air sealed we do recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight. (Direct sunlight will fade anything and everything!) Putting them in a bathroom with humidity is a-okay!

Q: Do you create customized orders?
A: Absolutely! We are happy to collaborate and create a customized order for you! Please contact us directly. Customized orders take 3-4 weeks to create. We appreciate your patience. :) 

Q: Do you have Wholesale availability?
A: Yes. We do currently wholesale directly to many galleries and gift shops across North America. If you might be interested in this please contact us directly. We would love to talk about an opportunity!

Q: Is there a way to buy the botanical art unframed?
A: Unfortunately no. All of our pictures contain real pressed botanicals that are preserved behind 2 ml glass. To ensure the quality of the pressed flowers, leaves and grasses we only sell them framed.

Q: What is Floriography?
A: Put simply, Floriography is the language of flowers which dates back to the Victorian era (1837-1901). They would use flowers to send subtle secret messages during a time where outright flirtations were out of the question. With time, flower dictionaries with the meaning of flowers, plants and herbs was published and the tradition began to spread throughout the World. As such, the language of flowers came to be...