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About Us

  Pressed Wishes is a family based Artisan business (established in 1999) that is located in the heart of the Okanagan - Mabel Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

It all started back in Calgary, AB where we grew sick of the busy city life and desperately wanted something more. It was always a pipe dream to pack up our belongings and our family and move out to the beautiful Mabel Lake, BC, located in the heart of the Okanagan. You see, James always had a passion for woodworking and you could often find him out in our backyard shop making a new table or a bed for the kids. And I, Melissa, had a passion for gardening and loved to play in our city garden. (We had the most colourful garden on the block, if I do say so) As such, Pressed Wishes was organically born.

We started off in 1999 creating handcrafted hard wood boxes and flower presses from our Calgary city home. Since then, we have managed to pack up all of our belongings and move out to our dream home in the beautiful Mabel Lake, BC. We grow the majority of our botanicals on our 2 acre woodland gardens and harvest from the surrounding mountainous landscape. Now, the whole family has a part in the business. It truly is a family business.

You can find our work across Canada in many stores, online as well as at various Summer Farmer's Markets and Christmas Art and Craft shows primarily in Central and Western Canada. 

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James and Melissa

Pressed Wishes Family Business