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Flanders Poppy 18x18 (Sage)
Flanders Poppy 18x18 (Sage)
Flanders Poppy 18x18 (Sage)
Flanders Poppy 18x18 (Sage)

Flanders Poppy 18x18 (Sage)

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Enjoy this beautiful Red Flander’s Poppy piece in your home or gift it to a loved on. Flander’s Poppies are favourites among those who have ties to the Canadian Armed Forces or veterans.

Poppies signify “Remembrance & Eternal Life” in the historical language of Floriography.

• This piece of art is a SIGNED ORIGINAL – not a print! Please know the item you receive will look slightly different than this one, as each piece is individually made with love.

• They are all real pressed Flander’s Poppies that we grow and harvest from our woodland garden in the Okanagan, BC.

• Each poppy is hand-dyed to ensure its vibrant colour for years to come

• Handmade paper is used as the background

• Each piece is individually signed.

• Dimensions of the frame: approx 18″ x 18″ – ¾” thick frame.

• Solid wood handcrafted frame. Finished with either black lacquer or walnut stain. (Please choose)

• 2 ml glass

• Each piece features a back tag which identifies the botanical and its related meaning in the language of flowers. (Floriography)

• Sawtooth hook


** Each picture is one-of-a-kind and no two pieces will ever be the exact same. This is due to nature’s individuality. Please note that the picture you receive will look slightly different than the ones showcased here.



All of the botanicals are sourced from our gardens at Mabel Lake, BC Canada and the surrounding mountainous landscape. Each flower and leaf must be harvested at its peak to ensure the highest of quality. They are then pressed in a traditional flower press which includes herbarium papers. We do colour enhance the leaves by hand to protect them from fading. Each botanical is then carefully selected and artfully arranged onto a variety of handmade papers.

We use locally milled wood to handcraft a variety of frames. Each frame goes through a 5 step sanding process to ensure the highest of quality. It is then finished with a stain and/or lacquer to best suit the botanical artwork.

From our Gardens to your Home.