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Real Pressed Maple Leaf Framed Artwork by Canadian Artist, Pressed Wishes - Rainbow Maple
Real Pressed Maple Leaf Framed Artwork by Pressed Wishes
Rainbow designed real pressed maple leaf framed artwork by Pressed Wisehs
Real Pressed Maple Leaf Framed Artwork with Walnut Solid Wood Frame - handcrafted in Canada by Pressed Wishes, botanical artist
Rainbow Maple Leaf Framed Artwork handmade by Canadian artist, Pressed Wishes
All maple leaves are hand dyed to ensure their color and vibrancy

8x32 Rainbow Maple

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The Rainbow Maple is the newest addition to the Pressed Wishes Gallery and is made of REAL pressed Maple Leaves. It is a SIGNED ORIGINAL piece of Canadian Artwork - not a print!

This 'Skinny' is a very eye-catching piece. It is a one-of-a-kind, unique piece of art handmade with love in the mountains of Canada. Its sleek shape makes it ideal for those "hard to decorate" places. Celebrate Canada!

The Maple Leaf signifies "Unity and Modesty" in the historical language of Floriography.

• SIGNED ORIGINAL - not a print!
• They are all REAL pressed Maple Leaves that we grow and harvest from our woodland garden in the Okanagan, BC, Canada.
• Each picture comes with 11 REAL pressed Canadian Maple Leaves.
• Each leaf is sealed with an Archival Varnish to preserve its individual colour.
• Handmade paper is used as the background to the leaves.
• Each piece is individually signed.
• Dimensions of the frame: APPROX 8" x 32" - ¾" thick frame. (All frames are handcrafted, so the size given is APPROXIMATELY)
• Solid wood handcrafted frame. Finished with either black lacquer or walnut stain (Please choose)
• 2 ml glass
• Each piece features a back tag that identifies the botanical and its related meaning in the language of flowers. (Floriography)
• Sawtooth hook - hangs horizontally