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Real Pressed Red Mountain Wildflower Framed Artwork by Pressed Wishes
Framed Floral Artwork Home Decor with solid Canadian wood frame by Pressed Wishes
18x18 real pressed flower picture by Pressed Wishes, Canadian Artist
Real Mountain Wildflower Home Decor - Edelweiss, Columbine, Indian Paintbrush, Anemone by Pressed Wishes
Floriography, the language of flowers - Pressed Wishes SIGNED ORIGINAL backtags
PRESSED WISHES hand dyes all of their botanicals to protect against fading
PRESSED WISHES uses locally milled Canadian wood to create their solid wood frames and a variety of handmade papers to accent their artwork
Pressed Wishes grows all of their botanicals, flowers and leaves on their 2 acre woodland gardens in the Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada

18x18 Red Mountain Wildflower

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This REAL Pressed Red 'Mountain Wildflower' picture is a SIGNED ORIGINAL one-of-a-kind, unique piece of art handmade with love in the mountains of Canada.

Each individually crafted piece features 4 large species of Mountain WildFlowers including Edelweiss, Indian Paintrbush, Anemone 'Hippie on a Stick', and Columbines. The flowers are finished with a crisp white mat background and framed in a handcrafted solid wood frame.

Floriography is the language of flowers.
Edelweiss signifies "True Love & Sacrifice"
Indian Paintbrush signifies "Celebration"
Columbines signifies "Longevity"
Anemone signifies "Endurance".

• SIGNED ORIGINAL - not a print!
• They are all REAL pressed Mountain flowers that we grow and harvest from our woodland gardens in the Okanagan, BC, Canada. All found in Mabel Lake, BC mountainous area.
• Handmade paper is used as the background to the flowers.
• A white mat borders the mountain flowers
• Each piece is individually signed.
• Dimensions of the frame: approx 18" x 18" - ¾" thick frame.
• Solid wood handcrafted frame. Finished with either black lacquer or walnut stain (Please choose)
• 2 ml glass
• Each piece features a back tag which identifies the botanical and its related meaning in the language of flowers. (Floriography)
• Sawtooth hook

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