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A one of a kind flower press is taken apart and displayed to see all the working parts. The flower press contains birch wood, herbarium blotting paper, corrugated cardboard, wingnuts and an instruction manual. Handmade by Pressed Wishes.
A one of a kind live edge birch wood flower press is displayed with leaves and fern in the foreground. Handmade flower press from Pressed Wishes.
A woman holds a flower press up. Flower presses are used to preserve a variety of botanicals. Handmade by Pressed Wishes.
Pressed Wishes creates flower presses for others to enjoy the craft of preserving wildlife.

Live Edge Birch Flower Press

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Press and preserve your own flowers, leaves, and botanicals with our live edge LARGE Birch professional flower/herbarium press kits.

They are great as a gift to your favorite gardener, herbalist, or naturalist. They are even perfect for pressing wedding bouquet flowers yourself to treasure the flowers for years to come.

Our ONE OF A KIND large live-edge professional flower press has outside dimensions of 13.5 x 7 inches and a height of 4.5 inches. The paper inside the flower press measures 10 x 7 inches.

All small flower presses come with:
• 2 handmade MDF boards
• 10 layers of acid-free herbarium (blotting) paper with a 300gsm weight and corrugated cardboard
• 4 industrial iron wingnuts 4 steel washers
• Instruction book included
• Botanicals NOT included

The triple combination of herbarium/blotting paper (moisture control), corrugated cardboard (air circulation) and wingnuts (pressure control) eliminates flower crushing in a heavy old book a relic of the past. PressedWishes flower press kit contains everything you need to achieve Fantastic results with your botanicals. Our acid free 300 gsm weight herbarium/ blotting paper can be reused over and over and over.

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