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Dried Flowers; pressed edelweiss 8x8 picture_pressed botanical art
Dried Edelweiss; 8x8 Pressed edelweiss framed picture_original pressed flower
Dried Edelweiss; pressed flower edelweiss framed artwork in walnut stain frame
Dried Flowers framed artwork; black and white collection with pressed botanicals
floriography; the language of flowers; edelweiss
Dried Flowers; black and white set of 3 8x8; real pressed flower framed artwork; musk mallow, edelweiss, pearly everlasting

8x8 Edelweiss 'True Love & Sacrifice'

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This pressed Edelweiss picture makes for the perfect engagement or wedding gift! It is is a one-of-a-kind, unique piece of art handmade with love in the mountains of Canada. It works well on its own or even as a set of 3. 

The Edelweiss flower signifies "True Love and Sacrifice" in the historical language of Floriography.

• They are all real Edelweiss flowers that we grow and harvest from our rock terrace garden in the Okanagan, BC. 
• Silk handmade paper is used as the background to flowers. 
• Each piece is individually signed.
• Dimensions of the frame: approx 8"x8" - ¾" thick frame. 
• Solid wood handcrafted frame. Finished with either black lacquer or walnut stain and clear lacquer. (Please choose)
• 2 ml glass
• Each piece features a back tag which identifies the botanical and its related meaning in the language of flowers. (Floriography) 
• Sawtooth hook 
• Each individual picture is $45.

** Each picture is one-of-a-kind and no two pieces will ever be the exact same. This is due to nature's individuality. Please note that the item you receive will look slightly different than the ones showcased here.

Fun Fact: 
According to folklore many brave men have mountaineered to dangerous and fatal locations in the European Alps to harvest the rare Edelweiss flower to give to their loved one as a sign of their love and devotion. Unfortunately some would fall to their death and each Edelweiss botanical represents a tear shed in their memory. Talk about devotion!
Edelweiss is also the National flower of Switzerland.
** Disclaimer - no one was hurt trying to harvest the Edelweiss for this picture.