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  • Shasta Daisy. $110

    10" x 14"    Double the pleasure with this pair of powder white Shasta daisies accented with the twisty form of the Unicorn Rush water plant.  Beautifully backed onto a metallic brown paper recycled from the husk of the coconut.

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  • Daisy Panoramic $125

    14" x 10"     While you`re waiting for your garden to bloom enjoy a bright panoramic picture that showcases snow white and brilliant yellow daisies that are artfully arranged on a unique selection of handmade papers.

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  • Floating Daisy $145

    10" x 22"    The art of preserving nature is tastefully showcased with floating daisies in this black and white negative image.  Depending on your mood this handmade modern botanical art piece can be hung either vertically or horizontally.

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  • Daisy $45

    8" x 8"     These ox-eye daisies will give a splash of summer all year round.  Artfully arranged with yarrow greens and set upon black silk handmade paper.

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  • Shasta Daisy $45

    8" x 8"    Keep in touch with hot summer days with this wonderful display of flowers that signify `innocence`.

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